Spotlight on Nutrition After Brain Injury

Spotlight on Nutrition After Brain Injury

Physio Matters’ fourth Spotlight Webinar will explore nutrition after brain injury, with special guest speaker Sian Riley, Director and Registered Dietitian at Red Pepper Nutrition.

Sian will present ‘Nutrition is the Foundation of Health and Rehabilitation’ exploring the role of nutrition following an acquired brain injury (ABI), spinal or orthopaedic injury.

Nutrition and Malnutrition

Nutrition after a traumatic injury is complex. Many people will leave hospital and enter the rehabilitation stage in a state of malnutrition, which can be a serious issue.

Malnutrition happens when the body is deprived of the required nutrition including vitamins, minerals, energy and protein. Following a traumatic injury, this poses major consequences for people as it can reduce their rehabilitation potential and health, and particularly affect their mental health.

In the webinar, Sian will explore:

  • the exciting science of nutritional psychiatry
  • the importance of nutrition in rehabilitation after a traumatic injury
  • the role of the multidisciplinary team in ensuring a client’s nutritional needs are met, optimally fuelling their health and rehabilitation.

Sian will also be joined in a Q&A with Anastasia Giljazova, Senior Neurological Physiotherapist with Physio Matters.

Expert Insight from a Registered Dietitian’s Perspective 

This webinar will provide an expert insight in to understanding the importance of nutrition after brain injury and the consequences for rehabilitation, from a dietitian’s perspective.

It will explore the implications for practitioners who work within the brain injury community and explore the challenges they may face, as well as offer guidance on how to meet them.

The webinar will also be illustrated with practical examples, and is suitable for case managers, therapists, medico-legal experts, solicitors and other professionals involved in working with brain injury clients.


About the Guest Speaker 

Red Pepper Nutrition specialises in rehabilitation nutrition following a traumatic injury such as an acquired brain injury, spinal injury, orthopaedic injury and other neuro-disabilities and neuro-diversity. Their goal is to optimise food intake and nutrition for rehabilitation and independence, and to prevent future disease and illness.

Director and Registered Dietitian Sian Riley has a Master’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics. She is passionate about improving people’s health and well-being through a holistic approach to nutrition, prioritising the social and psychological aspects of food to ensure dietary changes are effective for her clients.

Red Pepper Nutrition provides an independent and complete dietetic service to adults, children and adolescents in the North West of the UK covering Greater Manchester, Merseyside and Liverpool, Cheshire, Lancashire, Derbyshire and beyond. To find out more, visit

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Update: Watch the Webinar Now

This webinar has now taken place and was recorded. You can watch it below. The video lasts for 60 minutes.

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