About Us

Physio Matters are a North West physiotherapy service specialising in treating adults and children with neurological conditions including Brain Injury, Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Cerebral Palsy and more.

We treat people in their own homes, place of work, residential home, or wherever your rehab requires such as a sport centre or activity venue. So you don’t need to come to us.

Our focus is on your rehabilitation. We will help you gain more physical control of your life. We will help you to manage your condition through improving movement, strength, and balance. We work with you to achieve practical everyday goals – such as getting dressed, standing and walking, bathing, getting in or out of a chair, travelling in a car, going shopping, getting back to work, playing sports, or going on holiday.

We were established in 2000 by our Clinical Director and Specialist Neurological Physiotherapist, Colin Green. We have a Clinical Team of specialist physiotherapists and a Business Support Team to assist their work. Together, we have many years’ experience helping to improve the quality of life for adults and children living with neurological conditions resulting from disease, injury or accident.

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