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Neurological Physiotherapy in Greater Manchester

Welcome to Physio Matters Neurological Limited

Physio Matters are a North West physiotherapy service with over 20 years’ experience helping improve the quality of life for people living with neurological conditions resulting from disease, injury or accident.

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Improving mobility with Multiple Sclerosis

Melissa was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis just before her 15th birthday. Find out how Physio Matters has supported Melissa’s rehab and helped improve her strength, mobility and confidence with walking outside the home. Continue Reading


Maintaining independence with Multiple Sclerosis

Ruth was diagnosed with MS in 2008 and eventually had to give up her career as a Social Worker. Find out how Physio Matters has supported Ruth’s rehab and helped her maintain a level of independence at home. Continue Reading


Rehab support for spinal cord injury

Former professional rugby player John was 18 years old when he broke his neck during a tackle. Find out how Physio Matters has supported John’s rehab for over 20 years, and the importance of virtual treatment during Covid-19. Continue Reading


Improving mobility, fitness and strength

Engineer Michael was left on a life support machine after an accident at work which left him with a fractured skull and a traumatic brain injury. Find out how Physio Matters helped him improve his walking and build up fitness and strength. Continue Reading


Engaging young people with Cerebral Palsy

14-year-old Sam has Cerebral Palsy, which has affected his growth and development. Find out how Physio Matters is using fun activities including boxing to help Sam improve his strength, mobility and coordination.
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Maintaining mobility with Multiple Sclerosis

Richard is living with MS, reduced vision due to retinitis pigmentosa, and Type 1 diabetes. Find out how Physio Matters helped him to address his mobility issues and source new equipment to help him stand again.
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Latest News

Golfer Mark plays with the Pros

“Absolutely loved it!” and “the best day of my life, apart from my children being born!” said our client Mark, who recently took part in The Staysure PGA Seniors Championship. For Mark, this was the culmination of 7 years of rehab, physiotherapy, and golf practice. “I can finally play golf like I used to before… Continue Reading

Amy’s rehab rides forward with Dolly the horse

When our client Amy said she was interested in horse riding as one of our many Physio Active activities to support her rehab, she didn’t know she would enjoy it so much and meet Dolly the horse! Amy was involved in a road traffic accident in 2014 which left her with a brain injury, multiple… Continue Reading


Book now! Our next Spotlight Webinar is ‘Rebuilding the Brain Injured Person through Functional Neurology’ on Tuesday 12 October from 12pm-1pm with Janet Glover from The Centre for Neuro-Developmental and Behavioural Optometry.Vision is fundamental when it comes to maintaining our balance - just try standing on one foot with your eyes closed! Brain injury often damages the ‘vestibular system’ which controls balance and eye movements, leading to vertigo and dizziness, imbalance, hearing changes, and cognitive or psychological changes. Sufferers can be sensitive to the least movement and can become dizzy just by standing up or being in a lift.With over 40 years’ experience working with adults and children with brain injury and learning disabilities, Janet Glover will explore the role of functional neurology and how to rebuild the brain, eyes and ears of people with brain injuries so that they work together to control balance.Book your FREE webinar place here: bit.ly/2XSeKIV ... See MoreSee Less
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