Welcome Back Eleanor & Andie!

Welcome Back Eleanor & Andie!

Physio Matters are delighted to welcome back two of our team who have now been ‘un-furloughed’ due to increased demand for our online neuro physio rehab services.

Eleanor Jones, Senior Neurological Physiotherapist and Andie Hardy, Administrative Assistant, have both returned to work after being furloughed for 2 months during the COVID-19 lockdown. Eleanor is now back working with clients 5 days a week providing online physio sessions, while Andie who originally worked 3 days a week is now working mornings every day providing admin support.

Eleanor said: “I’m very pleased to be back working again and interacting with my clients. I have really missed them so it’s great to catch up with them, even it if it is online for now. It is nice to be part of their routine when they may otherwise have felt isolated. I also enjoy having a structure to my weeks now, and time definitely passes a lot more quickly since I’ve been back at work!”

She added: “I am always keen to encourage exercise and activity as a way of boosting mental health as well, so the online physio sessions are helping clients with that too which is even more important at this time.”


Back in a routine

Andie only joined Physio Matters in February so was just getting used to her new role and the team when lockdown started but she has welcomed the return to work.

“I’m really pleased to be back and in a proper routine now,” said Andie. “I even know what day it is again! I really enjoy working for Physio Matters, and I’ve missed the team so it is nice to have a purpose again and interact with everyone.”

Andie is working alongside Clinical Director Colin Green and Neuro Rehab Coach Craig Barker who have now been joined by Eleanor Jones, Senior Neurological Physiotherapist, and providing admin support to the team.

“Working with Colin, Eleanor and Craig has helped me appreciate the amazing job they do, and I’m getting to know much more about our clients. It is good to learn new responsibilities, so that when we do get back into the office I’ll be up to speed. We have regular catch-up meetings on Zoom with our colleagues who are still furloughed to keep them up to date and I know they are keen to return to work too. I can’t wait until the team are all back together again – hopefully it will be soon!”


More team members expected to return

While Eleanor and Andie are the first to be ‘un-furloughed’ it’s expected that more team members will return as the lockdown eases and demand for Physio Matter’s services increases.

Clinical Director Colin Green said: “We welcome Eleanor and Andie back and it’s great to see our team taking shape again. As a small business, the furloughing scheme has been of great benefit in ensuring our staff receive 80% of their salary during lockdown. However, we have seen demand for our services increase week by week and now we are really busy with client sessions and new assessments, so we needed to start bringing people back which is good news.”

Colin added: “We are looking to extend this to more team members soon, working remotely at first. However, before we take any steps to re-introduce face-to-face physio treatment we are waiting to hear more guidelines from the Government and the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP). We need to be confident about implementing the necessary safety measures and precautions required to protect our clients and staff, but we hope it will come soon.”

“In the meantime, Eleanor and Andie are doing a great job helping us to deliver even more remote neuro physio sessions to ensure our clients maintain their condition, rehab and well-being during lockdown.”

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