We work with a wide range of partners and clients.  Find out what they say about us…

What our partners say:

Colin and his team regularly work with clients of mine, typically following brain injury. Without exception, I have found them to be compassionate, proactive and highly skilled. They regularly achieve remarkable results and many of my clients come to regard their input and advice as indispensable. The therapists are supported by a highly efficient admin team. Overall, the service provided by Physio Matters is truly excellent.

Matthew Brown
Partner, Irwin Mitchell

I have worked with Physio Matters in supporting a number of my clients who have suffered significant traumatic brain injuries. I have been highly impressed by the level of skill, understanding and enthusiasm which their therapists have brought to the neuro-physiotherapy treatment which my clients so need. They incorporate functional physiotherapy, which so helps the individual engage in rehabilitation and see the gains they are making, through their hard work and commitment to their rehabilitation.

The Physio Matters team also understand the interface between treatment and the litigation process, which is very important. They provide a highly-organised service which is of excellent value, and are a lovely, friendly team to deal with.

Jeanne Evans
Partner, Potter Rees Dolan, Serious Injury Solicitors

I have worked with Colin and the team at Physio Matters for the last 5 years. Physio Matters clearly have immense technical skill and knowledge, but also bring a compassion and understanding to their relationships with clients, which shows that they care for the whole person, not just their immediate therapeutic needs. We have lost count of the times that we have talked carefully and thoroughly with the physio team and their office colleagues about how best to work together to help a client make progress towards their goals. Each client is taken seriously, whether their goal is to walk into the pub and order a round for the first time since a life-changing illness, or to go on a skiing holiday following a serious accident. We are impressed by the way Physio Matters look after the interests of their clients. There cannot be many businesses of a comparable size that have achieved so much, for so many beneficiaries.

John Lawson
Ski School Manager, Disability Snowsport UK

When dealing with the team at Physio Matters, you can rest assured that all enquiries will be dealt with quickly and effectively. The entire team are very friendly and welcoming, and always put our clients and their families at ease. We feel safe in the knowledge that our clients are getting the very best treatment possible. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Physio Matters to both clients, friends and family alike. Their skills and service are second to none. They are always up to date with the latest innovations in equipment and treatment techniques. Simply put, I wouldn’t look anywhere else.

Charlotte Cooper
Business Office Manager, Amber Case Management Ltd

Thank you to all your staff that have come to use the facilities here for your human approach and for just being a really nice bunch of people. You perform a great job with some wonderful people that really need your assistance. All your staff are very amiable, approachable, and professional. Thank you.

Geoff Williams
Head Attendant, Jubilee Pool

What our clients say:

Words can’t express my gratitude for what Colin and his brilliant team have done for me since my brain surgery. Such a friendly, knowledgeable and professional bunch. I’ve gone from cautiously shuffling around my living room to training for a half marathon thanks to the care I’ve received and the customised rehab plans and exercises they’ve provided.

Thanks to Physio Matters, I’ve been able to improve my mobility so much. Rehabilitation is hard work but if I can do it after what happened to me, then anyone can. I hope my running can motivate other people who have had a similar life-changing illness or injury. I’ve learnt there is still a lot you can achieve – just give it a go.

Andy from Saddleworth
Brain Tumour survivor

Your team are amazing. I can say first-hand how you are committed to taking your clients forward and getting the best out of them by providing a professional, personal approach. Our son certainly wouldn’t be as able as he has become without you and your team. We were prepared for the worst with doctors and medical predictions. Never in our wildest dreams would we have thought he could be as good as he is. We are so lucky to have you and would recommend Physio Matters and your team to anyone and everyone.

Debbie from Mottram
Mum of a young client with a Head Injury

I really appreciate you keeping me informed about the physio sessions with dad. Thank you for your kind patience, support and understanding when it comes to the unpredictable nature of dad’s health. I think he has made amazing progress since you have been helping him. We really appreciate everything you are doing. You are amazing. Thank you.

Whose father Anwar from Wilmslow is a Stroke survivor

Thank you for everything you have done for mum over the last few months. She has made remarkable progress, since Abby first came to visit her at St George’s, when we thought she would never walk again.

Without your care, patience, reassurance and encouragement we wouldn’t be in the position we are today. Onwards and upwards, we hope she will continue to make more progress over the next few months. Thank you for everything. We really do appreciate it.

The family of Barbara
A Stroke survivor from Oldham

I have been treated by Colin for over 10 years. He has a desire to push for better performance, to try out all the latest techniques, and brings passion and knowledge to every session. I would not hesitate in recommending him to anyone.

John from Oldham
Who had a Spinal Cord Injury when playing professional Rugby League

Anastasia, the Senior Neuro Physiotherapist at Physio Matters, has been an amazing help to me. She helps me physically and mentally. I feel like I am getting stronger. Anastasia has shown me how to use a foam roller and given me exercise bands to use at home. My neck used to hurt when we drove over a bump in the road but now I can use my muscles to tense my neck and ride it out.

I have learnt a lot through the balance class which Anastasia arranged, which has also helped me get back to social interaction which I have had little of since the accident. I am really pleased I can do more now. I now see Anastasia on Wednesdays, I have my balance class on Thursdays, and Jack from Physio Matters takes me to the gym on Fridays. Thanks to Physio Matters, I feel as though I am getting somewhere and gradually improving.

Anthony from Ashton
Who survived a Brain Injury at work

The progress and improvement in my mobility is amazing. I can use a quadstick to move around my flat as I need to, which allows me to prepare simple meals for myself. Close friends who still visit me remark at my progress, which is solely down to the physio’s skill at her job.

Tony from Tameside
A Stroke survivor

I would like to say thank you to everyone at Physio Matters for your help in the progress I have made so far. I have had physiotherapy before but was hampered by another medical issue which meant that I was often too weak to exercise, but now that this is also improving, the physio is much better.

Everyone is polite, friendly and helpful. My physio Anastasia is very good. The stretches and exercises are always varied. The most effective part of the exercises is when I tire a little and have to concentrate to synchronise my brain and my legs and muscles. My legs are much stronger, and my balance and confidence are improved. My legs now recover quicker after each physio session and I can exercise further at home. When I walked with one stick and your help, it felt like another milestone, something I wouldn’t even have tried.

I have been working with Physio Matters for three months now and I still have a way to go, but I am very pleased with my progress and together I will improve further.

Phil from Ashton
A Stroke survivor

The treatment I have received has been excellent. The physiotherapist has been extremely thorough and listened very carefully to my many questions. Without her encouragement, I wouldn’t now be using sticks rather than a walking frame and going upstairs to bed. We have also been working on my fatigue levels and my balance.

All aspects of Physio Matters are excellent, from reception to listening and talking through symptoms, and then treatment and exercises. I would recommend them to anyone who needs neurological physiotherapy. You have all been amazing.

Cat from Oldham
Who lives with Multiple Sclerosis
Physio Matters Oldham Manchester