John Lawson

Ski School Manager, Disability Snowsport UK
I have worked with Colin and the team at Physio Matters for the last 5 years. Physio Matters clearly have immense technical skill and knowledge, but also bring a compassion and understanding to their relationships with clients, which shows that they care for the whole person, not just their immediate therapeutic needs. We have lost count of the times that we have talked carefully and thoroughly with the physio team and their office colleagues about how best to work together to help a client make progress towards their goals. Each client is taken seriously, whether their goal is to walk into the pub and order a round for the first time since a life-changing illness, or to go on a skiing holiday following a serious accident. We are impressed by the way Physio Matters look after the interests of their clients. There cannot be many businesses of a comparable size that have achieved so much, for so many beneficiaries.
Physio Matters Oldham Manchester