Anthony from Ashton

Who survived a Brain Injury at work
Anastasia, the Senior Neuro Physiotherapist at Physio Matters, has been an amazing help to me. She helps me physically and mentally. I feel like I am getting stronger. Anastasia has shown me how to use a foam roller and given me exercise bands to use at home. My neck used to hurt when we drove over a bump in the road but now I can use my muscles to tense my neck and ride it out. I have learnt a lot through the balance class which Anastasia arranged, which has also helped me get back to social interaction which I have had little of since the accident. I am really pleased I can do more now. I now see Anastasia on Wednesdays, I have my balance class on Thursdays, and Jack from Physio Matters takes me to the gym on Fridays. Thanks to Physio Matters, I feel as though I am getting somewhere and gradually improving.
Physio Matters Oldham Manchester