Spotlight on Visual Issues after Brain Injury

Spotlight on Visual Issues after Brain Injury

Physio Matters’ latest Spotlight Webinar will explore visual issues after brain injury with special guest speaker John Glover, Behavioural Optometrist at The Centre for Neuro-Developmental and Behavioural Optometry. John will explore the types of issues that occur with eyesight and vision due to brain injury, and the role of optometry in treating people effectively.



Eye damage often undetected

Following brain injury, many people have difficulty with their eyesight but this often goes undetected. Almost any head trauma, whether due to traumatic brain injury or vascular disease such as a stroke, can affect people’s vision and visual perception. A traumatic brain injury can cause tearing of delicate blood vessels connected to the eye, but the subsequent damage is often too minor to show up on a CT scan. However, this damage will impact on eyesight, with consequences ranging from temporary visual confusion, an inability to walk straight, double vision and even blindness.

New approaches in Neuro-Developmental Optometry

Medical attention is often focused on the source of the hurt in a brain injury and to repair obvious damage, but often little attention is given to the visual system. However, new approaches by Neuro-Developmental Optometrists are now leading to more assessment of patients for visual problems. In this Physio Matters Spotlight Webinar, John will explore behavioural optometry and why it is still an emerging profession. He will discuss the situation for clients and focus on two particular difficulties that people with brain injury experience. John will also take part in a Q&A with Eleanor Jones, Specialist Neurological Physiotherapist with Physio Matters.



Expert Insight from a Behavioural Optometrist Perspective 

This webinar will provide an expert insight into the impact on vision and visual perception following a traumatic injury from an expert Behavioural Optometry perspective.

It will explore the implications for practitioners who work within the brain injury community and explore the challenges they may face, as well as offer guidance on how to meet them.

The webinar will also be illustrated with practical examples.


About the Guest Speaker 

John has over 20 years’ experience treating adults and children who have vision and learning difficulties. He has studied in the USA with the Neuro Optometric Rehabilitation Association whose work involves soldiers returning from war in Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran who have injuries resulting from improvised explosive devices (IEDs). He has also studied with the Australasian College of Behavioural Optometry (ACBO) to further understand Vision Therapy.

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Update: Watch the Webinar Now

This webinar has now taken place and was recorded. You can watch it below. The video lasts for 55 minutes.

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