Rehab through sports

Rehab through sports

At Physio Matters we understand the need to keep rehabilitation interesting and engaging for our clients and as such try to involve as many sporting and recreational activities within our treatment plans. Here we talk about a few activities that we have been involved with in the past few month…

Getting back into golf and football.

Back in February and March, Colin Green, our Clinical Director, worked alongside one of our clients who had been knocked down and sustained a traumatic brain injury to help him return to playing golf having previously played off a handicap of 2. Colin worked with his client and a golf professional to analyse and improve his swing at the driving range. We are pleased to report that our client is now playing nearly at the level prior to his injury. Our client has just returned from a golfing holiday with friends and sent us the following text message…

“Just thought I would share some brilliant news with you guys. I am so chuffed and proud of myself. Just got back from my golf break in Blackpool. Played bloody brilliant and won. You can’t believe how happy I am!!”

Colin also took this client to visit his beloved Burnley FC after the business team arranged a visit there on a non-match day to take a look at access and possibility of returning to watch the beautiful game. It was a successful visit with funding secured for a season ticket following our recommendations and it was great to work alongside the staff at Burnley FC. Our client is particularly looking forward to supporting Burnley on their return to the Premiership.

Countryside exercise

As spring started we have been focussing on more outdoor activities such spending time with Salford Rangers and a client who volunteers there looking at making fences and cutting back hedges Have a look at the work that Salford Rangers are involved in by clicking here

Disability Skiing Sessions

We have increased our sessions at the Chill Factore and now many more clients enjoy the slopes of Trafford regularly and we have developed our working relationship with DSUK, a great team. In total we have 10 clients involved in either sitting or standing skiing activities with the general consensus being that they have a great time, whilst improving their physical abilities.


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