Physio Matters Trials Advanced Equipment

Physio Matters Trials Advanced Equipment

THERA-Trainer balo

Physio Matters is currently trialling the advanced THERA-Trainer balo, a therapy device in which dynamic exercise can be performed in a standing position to improve balance and postural control.

The equipment is suitable for clients who are unable to stand and was designed for daily use in clinics and therapy facilities, as well as in the home.

The THERA-Trainer balo can help those with little or no core stability to exercise standing up in a safe environment and maintain or improve their balance and mobility. There are several benefits for clients in exercising when standing up – it makes breathing easier, it helps stabilise their circulation and it also stimulates their metabolism.



Excellent support with balance

“We are really excited to be trialling the THERA-Trainer balo,” said Kirsty Agnew, Clinical Services Lead at Physio Matters. “It’s usually available in private Rehab Units as it is quite advanced equipment. It provides excellent support so we can use it to help people challenge their balance and see whether they can stand independently and move around while standing.

“We are always looking for the best and latest equipment that we can use to support our clients’ rehab and get the best results for them, so we were keen to trial this as another option for clients who find it difficult to stand independently.”

Good training opportunity

Kirsty added: “This is also a really good opportunity for our Clinical Team of Neuro Physios to familiarise themselves with such advanced equipment. Some have come across it when they worked in the NHS, but it is quite rare as it is expensive. Our team are training themselves in its use and finding out how it might best support our clients.”

Physio Matters plan to trial the THERA-Trainer balo with approximately 10 clients to gain their feedback. One of our clients John is a wheelchair user and has already tried it out to help with standing (above photo on the left). If you are interested in taking part, please talk to your Physio Matters’ Physiotherapist or Rehab Coach and they can discuss the options with you.


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