Physio Active

At Physio Matters, we can supplement your home-based physiotherapy with a range of activities that will help improve your mobility, balance, core strength, co-ordination and confidence.

These activities will bring you a range of benefits. They can help you get out of the house, meet new people, and learn new skills. They will widen your horizons as you will go to new places, enjoy social interaction and have fun!

And you will have a physio or physio assistant with you to provide guidance and support, together with qualified instructors at the venues we use.

Many of our clients tell us how much they enjoy these activities, and look forward to them each week. They find them mentally and physically stimulating, and important steps on their road to recovery.

Here are some of the activities we offer through Physio Active. We are always looking for new ones, so if there is one you would like to try that’s not here, just let us know.

AlterG – Anti-Gravity Treadmill

  • The anti-gravity treadmill was originally designed with technology developed by NASA to help astronauts run in a more natural way, and is often used to train athletes and footballers, and for rehabilitation.
  • Reduces the impact of gravity on the lower half of the body which makes it weigh less. As a result, there is less pressure on the lower body, making it easier and safer to exercise.
  • We use anti-gravity treadmills at several centres across the region, where our physios will assess and attend sessions with you to ensure you gain the maximum effects from this revolutionary equipment.


Fitness, mobility, stamina, balance and confidence.

Axe Throwing

  • Urban axe throwing has become a popular form of exercise and an unusual way to have fun too!
  • Participants first receive a safety briefing by instructors and then a demonstration in throwing techniques by an experienced throwing coach, before moving on to taking part in a tournament.
  • Your physio can attend the sessions with you alongside the axe throwing instructors at indoor venues in Manchester. This can also be a social activity attended by friends and family.


Strength, balance, and hand-eye coordination.


  • Cycling and adapted cycling are fun activities for people with many types of conditions. Our physios work with organisations such as Wheels for All, which provides cycling for children and adults with disabilities and differing needs.
  • Track cycling can be enjoyed using specially adapted 2, 3 or 4-wheel cycles, tandems and side-by-side cycles which are suitable for beginners.  Mountain biking offers adapted bikes suitable for more confident cyclists who want to explore parks or the countryside.
  • Cycling can take place at venues such as Alexandra Park in Oldham, Leverhulme Park in Bolton or at a centre close to you.


Stamina, mobility, balance and confidence.

Fitness Classes

  • There are many fitness classes you can try including dance, pilates, yoga, step aerobics, spinning, Zumba, circuit training and more. The classes range from beginners to intermediate and advanced.
  • Our physios will work with you to identify classes that are appropriate for your injury or condition and your abilities. We will regularly review your progress to make sure you are working at your own pace.
  • Classes are often at local gyms where you can attend with our physios and continue during and after rehab. They are also a good way to meet new friends.


Fitness, core stability and confidence.


  • Football helps to strengthen bone and muscle, increase endurance and coordination, and promote cardiovascular strength.
  • As a team sport, it is a good way to meet and interact with new people, which can help improve confidence and reduce anxiety.
  • It is suitable for all abilities, whether you’ve played before or are completely new to football.
  • We work with local venues, clubs and organisations who provide adapted football such as Manchester City FC’s ‘City in the Community’ programme and Cerebral Palsy United FC.


Mobility, stamina, muscle strength, coordination, balance and social participation.


  • Golf is accessible for people with a wide range of conditions, and has both mental and physical benefits.
  • It can be played in a driving range or outdoors on the golf course. For more experienced golfers, we can work alongside professional coaches.
  • Golf is a relaxing sport which can be taken at your own pace, allowing time to practice, develop your skills and enjoy yourself.


Balance, mobility, coordination and strength.


  • The gym is a great place to exercise during rehab and offers many different activities.
  • Whether you have attended a gym before, or never stepped foot in one, we can help you build up your abilities and improve your confidence.
  • Our physios will create an exercise programme that is appropriate for your injury or condition, regularly reviewing your progress to ensure you are working at your own pace.
  • Personal training programmes can include activities such as stretching, light weights, resistance training, sit down cycling, treadmill and using exercise balls.


Fitness, core stability, strength and stamina. 

Equestrian Therapy

  • Equestrian therapy involves horses in your rehabilitation which can bring many benefits, especially as the therapeutic movement of the horse can allow you to relax.
  • Carriage riding and disability horse riding can promote independence and provide new challenges whether you have taken part in horse-riding before or are keen to try something new.
  • The sport allows you to meet new people, enjoy the outdoors, interact with the horses and have fun, whilst gaining physical benefits.


Balance, coordination, muscle power and social interaction.  


  • Hydrotherapy uses warm water to create a therapeutic environment for physiotherapy. It is a common treatment for muscular pain, joint aches, circulation problems, rheumatism and arthritis.
  • Hydrotherapy has many benefits. It has a relaxing impact, puts less strain on your joints as your body weight is supported, and provides excellent muscular workouts because of the water’s resistance.  Exercising in warm water relieves pain on sore joints, increases blood flow and helps oxygen transmit to important cells, organs and skin.
  • Our physios are very experienced in hydrotherapy and can incorporate it into your rehab programme.


Core stability, relaxation and movement.

Kayaking and Canoeing

  • Kayaking and canoeing are very accessible and enjoyable outdoor water sports for people with a wide range of conditions, including acquired brain injury.
  • Canoes are open-top boats that can seat two or more people, whereas kayaks tend to be closed-top boats and are often single seaters.
  • We work closely with fully qualified and experienced instructors, such as those at Debdale Outdoor Centre in Manchester. Our team also includes physios and physio assistants who have gained a 1 Star Award and 2 Star Award (BCU1 and BCU2) qualifications from the British Canoe Association.


Mobility, balance and confidence.

Racquet Sports

  • Racquet sports such as tennis and squash have many health benefits, from improving muscle tone, strength and flexibility to challenging balance and mobility.
  • Tennis and squash can be played as singles, with two players against each other, or doubles, giving the opportunity to meet and interact with new people.
  • Racquet sports offer enjoyable exercise for people with a wide range of conditions and abilities, whether you are a beginner or more advanced player.


Agility, coordination, strength, flexibility, mobility and social interaction.

Rock Climbing

  • Rock climbing can provide an exciting new fitness challenge. It is an activity you can do individually or in groups, and a new way to socialise. It is a great activity for the mind and body, as it improves your concentration and coordination.
  • People with all abilities can take part in rock climbing – whether you are fully or partially mobile, or use a wheelchair. You can begin climbing from floor level or be hoisted from a seated position.
  • Physios will attend climbing sessions with you alongside fully qualified climbing instructors, at indoor venues such as Manchester Climbing Centre.


Mobility, balance, confidence, flexibility, stamina and coordination.


  • We work closely with Disability Snowsport UK (DSUK) at the Chill Factore, an indoor snow centre in Manchester, who provide adaptive equipment, instruction and support so people with a disability can experience the joy of skiing.
  • Our physios include experienced skiers who can accompany you on to the slopes, together with the DSUK instructors. Options include upright skiing, sit skiing and adapted snowboards.
  • Adapted snowsports are exciting, stimulating and great fun. They can help your physical rehab and improve mental health. Some clients have made so much progress they have gone on adapted skiing holidays to Andorra with DSUK.


Core stability, balance, stamina, coordination and social participation.


  • Swimming is a popular activity as it can give a greater sense of freedom to people with a disability or health condition.
  • The benefits of being in the water include giving you the feeling of weightlessness which relieves pressure on your joints and muscles so you can move more easily.
  • Swimming is also known to improve mental health and decrease stress. It can help with depression and significantly improves mood.
  • The physios will work with you to create a personal swimming programme that meets your needs and enhances your rehabilitation.


Core stability, stamina and mental health.

Walking Netball

  • Walking netball is a slower version of the game with adjusted rules so that players participate at walking pace.
  • It can provide regular physical exercise and is a fun way to take part in a team activity and meet new people.
  • Walking netball is suitable for people with many types of conditions, and our physios will attend sessions with you which are organised by England Netball.
  • Our Team Co-ordinator Katy Parrott has also undertaken her Level 1 Assistant Coach Qualification in Walking Netball run by England Netball.


Mobility, balance, confidence and social interaction.

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