Our Values


You can trust our physios and the whole team to be caring and compassionate in our approach. You are in safe hands with knowledgeable and experienced professionals who have worked with many people who have physical disabilities, mobility difficulties and cognitive issues. We understand what you are going through and the challenges you face, and we are there to support your rehab. We will work closely with you, your family and carers to really get to know you, and put your interests and goals at the heart of what we do.


You can trust us to work consistently and efficiently. We will agree a personal treatment plan with you. We will follow that plan so you know exactly what we are doing to assist your rehab and why. You will know in advance which physio will be working with you. We will make appointments that are convenient for you, and we will be reliable and punctual.

We have invested in a Business Support Team who will promptly answer and return your calls and emails, make appointments for you with our physios, book your activities, order any equipment you need, liaise with your family, carers and other professionals, send invoices on time, and help answer any queries you have. You can rely on our team to make sure your treatment goes smoothly every step of the way.


You can be confident that our physios are highly-trained experts, and will look for creative and innovative ways to enhance your rehabilitation. We like to think ‘outside the box’ when it comes to physio and will find imaginative ways to help you reach your goals. With our support, we can help you try a wide range of new and exciting activities to improve your mobility, your core strength, and your confidence. And have some fun too!

Visit our Physio Active page to see some of the activities our clients do as part of their rehab with us – often for the first time, such as adapted snow sports, walking netball, golf, swimming, adapted cycling or even forestry skills.

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