New Technology Will Help Brain Injured Clients Walk

New Technology Will Help Brain Injured Clients Walk

A new piece of advanced equipment, the L300 Go Foot Drop System, has arrived at Physio Matters HQ which we are using with clients suffering from a brain injury or stroke to aid with lower limb weakness. It works by electronically contracting the muscles to help people walk.


In particular, we are using the new equipment with a client who previously used an Odstock Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES). Although this helped to improve his gait pattern and frequency of walking, the client often felt discouraged using this device as it took him nearly 30 minutes to set up and put on, and he struggled with the electrodes and the long wires. He also felt uncomfortable wearing it with shorts and sandals in the warm weather, with the wires visible.

Additional Benefits
The new equipment Physio Matters can provide is designed to help patients with lower limb weakness and has a multitude of additional benefits.

For instance, with the Bioness L300 Go Foot Drop System there is no need for a foot sensor or patient control unit, therefore there are fewer connection issues. Due to the absence of a foot sensor, there is also the potential to be able to walk barefoot or in a wider selection of footwear, such as sandals – which is ideal for our client during hot weather. The Bioness L300 also has an easy Bluetooth programming which can be managed by Physio Matters, and it is quick and easy to take on and off as the user only needs to fit the cuff around their calf.

Staff Training
Colin Green, Clinical Director at Physio Matters says: “We’re delighted to be working alongside both Ottobock and Dorset Orthopaedics to bring such an innovative and advanced treatment option for our clients with the L300 Go. Our whole Clinical Team will take part in a training day to update our skills with this new equipment. We are really looking forward to introducing it into our rehabilitation programmes for a range of clients who experience walking difficulties.”

A significant advantage of this new equipment is that the L300 Go will allow our clients to engage in everyday activities and reduce secondary complications such as the risk of falls. It will also improve their mobility, enable them to take part in new activities, and increase their confidence.

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