New Physiotherapy Assistant Role for Katy

New Physiotherapy Assistant Role for Katy

Since joining the Physio Matters Team in April 2015, Katy Willerton has been keen to develop her role to include an even more client active role in addition to her role as Business Development Lead.

Katy has recently started a Physiotherapy Assistant role which will involve assisting clients where they may not necessarily need full physiotherapy input or to continue work which a physio has started and in some cases to compliment physio input.

Katy will be involved in activities such as attending the gym, swimming, hydrotherapy assistance and general activities to help clients become more active. Katy can keep track of client’s progress and report back to the physios in the team, referring back to them where necessary.

All Katy’s input will be supervised by the qualified and experienced Physiotherapists in the Physio Matters team.

Katy’s caring, enthusiastic and positive attitude are good qualities which will aid her in her new role as Physiotherapy Assistant.

If you are interested in finding out more about what Physio Matters can offer with regards to supporting your clients in this way, please contact us on 0161 681 6887 or

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