Just before her 15th birthday, Melissa was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

At her worst, she struggled to walk, carry objects and do everyday activities like get in the bath or shower. Although she had tried physio from the NHS, Melissa found she was not seen often enough and given sheets of exercises which did not motivate her to complete the activities.

Impact of lockdown

Due to the COVID pandemic and lockdown, Melissa had not been out of the house for 6 months when Anastasia Giljazova, Senior Neurological Physiotherapist with Physio Matters, began working with her. Their treatment sessions are often watched by Melissa’s cat Maisy too!

Melissa had lost much of her core stability and confidence, and it became clear that key goals were to build up her strength and mobility, and to restore her confidence so she could walk outside.

With Anastasia’s help and her own hard work, Melissa agrees she has significantly improved thanks to physio treatment, especially focusing on strengthening and stretching. She can now get in and out of the shower on her own, prepare a meal, and is less fearful of falling outside her home when she goes for a walk.

“The physio is tailored to the individual and for what works best for Melissa,” says her partner Jake. “It’s lifted a big weight off my shoulders and it is nice to see the bond that Melissa and Anastasia have as she gets stronger and better.”

Watch Melissa’s story

Watch Melissa explain how treatment from Physio Matters has helped to improve her quality of life, enabled her to do everyday tasks and given her the confidence to walk outside again.

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