Latest Update from Physio Matters

Latest Update from Physio Matters


We have had a VERY busy two weeks at Physio Matters as the impact of the Coronavirus has taken hold. Events have moved quickly following daily Government announcements and advice about social distancing, self-isolation and support for small businesses.

So what have we been doing to adapt to this strange new world and way of working? Here’s a quick round up:

  • Our Clinical Team and Business Support Team have now contacted over 100 clients to offer them online treatment plans, support and advice. So far, over half of our clients have requested an online or ‘virtual’ treatment session with our physios to help them continue their rehab and manage their conditions from a distance.
  • We have been ordering equipment for clients such as free weights, boxing pads, punch bags and exercise bikes to enable them to continue their rehab at home, as they can no longer attend the gyms, pools and sports activities that used to be part of their regular physio sessions with our team.
  • We have organised a schedule of regular telephone calls to clients to check up on them and offer any support they need.
  • We’re holding regular online meetings with our staff to keep them updated and offer support to those working from home, furloughed or self-isolating.
  • We have been involved in a wide range of online Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) meetings with case managers and therapists to co-ordinate clients’ rehab in light of the new restrictions and identify how we can all best meet their complex needs.
  • We have supported case managers and therapists in getting to grips with new technology such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom – and carried out quite a few online training sessions for them!
  • Our physios have also been busy creating home exercise programmes for clients, supported by our Neuro Rehab Coach, Craig Barker, who brings his professional know-how as a Personal Trainer and exercise expert.


And that is just in 2 weeks!

We will continue to adapt our services as changes occur and send out a BIG THANK YOU to:

  • our amazing team of physios and business support staff who have helped implement the new measures quickly and professionally
  • all the hard-working partners we continue to work alongside in these challenging times
  • in particular, thanks to our wonderful clients and their families, many of whom are in the ‘vulnerable’ category and self-isolating at home as they adapt to a new way of life due to Coronavirus.

We are determined to continue working with you all to provide the best neuro-physio service we can in the circumstances and look forward to the day when we can all get back together again.

Stay safe!

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