Kirsty’s 100 Day Running Challenge!

Kirsty’s 100 Day Running Challenge!


Kirsty Agnew, Specialist Neurological Physiotherapist at Physio Matters, has set herself an amazing challenge – to run every day for 100 days to raise money for charity The Silver Line.

Kirsty was supposed to take part in the Tour of Tameside in June which is a four-day running festival, but this was postponed to 2021 due to COVID-19. So Kirsty has set herself another challenge – to complete 100 days of running starting on Tuesday 28 April and finishing on Wednesday 5 August, her 37th birthday.

Kirsty already enjoys running but has never undertaken such a feat before. She explains: “I plan to run at least one mile every day, and probably more than that, in and around my local area in Tameside. I was disappointed not to be able to run the Tour of Tameside as it would have been my first attempt at a multi-day event. I wanted to use all my training, so I have set myself this new goal to achieve which I’m very excited about.”

Kirsty added: “Running brings me many benefits and I wanted to raise awareness of how it can be very positive for mental health. Running lifts my spirits and gives me head space. I always feel more energised if I have been for a run, plus it is great to get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air at a time when we are all so restricted. Hopefully, this challenge might inspire a few other people to get out there and go for a run!”

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Fundraising goals

Kirsty’s goal is to raise at least £500 for The Silver Line over the 100 Day Running Challenge. Physio Matters is raising money for this charity all year through a series of fundraising activities, including an ultra-run last week by Clinical Director Colin Green. He ran 328 laps of his street, over 26.3 miles, in tandem with a fellow ultra-runner who ran the same distance at his home in London. Together they raised £1500 for The Silver Line. Now it is Kirsty turn to run for charity!

Fighting loneliness in elderly people

The Silver Line supports older people who are socially isolated and vulnerable. Since their launch in 2013, it has received over 2.5 million calls, with over two-thirds made at night or at weekends when no other helpline is available for older people who may be lonely, isolated or confused. They now receive around 10,000 calls every week from lonely and isolated older people with 53% of callers saying they have literally no-one else to speak to.

Their help is needed more than ever during COVID-19 when older people are even more socially isolated. The charity relies on voluntary donations to cover the cost of calls to the helpline with just £10 allowing The Silver Line to answer 2 calls.

Donation page and Facebook group

To support The Silver Line and Kirsty, you can donate directly to:

You can also follow Kirsty’s progress on her Facebook page ‘Kirsty’s 100 Day Running Challenge’ at: and give her a cheer.

The first run of her 100 Day Challenge takes place on Tuesday 28 April so we will be following her progress.

Good luck Kirsty!!

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