Katy Scores with Walking Netball

Katy Scores with Walking Netball

Congratulations to Katy Parrott, Team Co-ordinator at Physio Matters, who is now a Walking Netball Host, following a recent course at Lunesdale Sports Centre in Kirkby Lonsdale.

Walking Netball is one of the many activities that Physio Matters offers through its Physio Active programme of sports. Walking Netball is a slower version of the game played at walking pace, and designed so that anyone can take part regardless of age or fitness level.

Mobility and confidence

Supported by England Netball, the walking version has grown in popularity in recent years with people across the country playing it for the fun, fitness and camaraderie the sessions bring. It also offers a range of health benefits, as Katy explains:

“Walking Netball is an ideal rehabilitation activity for people who have had a brain injury, stroke or other neurological condition and who want to regain their fitness. Regular weight-bearing exercise helps keep bones strong by forcing the bones in the lower half of your body to bear a person’s full weight each time they move. With Walking Netball, people can start gently and build up gradually, and enjoy a physical activity which can help with mobility and balance.”

Fun and friendship

Katy added: “Walking Netball is also a fun activity and can improve people’s confidence as they interact and play with a team. It can help anyone who feels isolated, as it’s a great way to meet new friends, take part in a team effort, and build some social bonds. These are all very important to improving a person’s wellbeing after an illness or when living with a long-term condition.”

Katy will be Hosting a Walking Netball session every Thursday morning at Dialstone Recreation Centre in Stockport.

To find out more or to join a session, contact: office@physio-matters.org

Visit www.physio-matters.org/physio-active to see more activities we offer through Physio Active.

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