Jack Saves the Day with a Ski Trip Away

Jack Saves the Day with a Ski Trip Away

Last week our Physiotherapist Assistant, Jack Collins, returned from a client skiing trip in Andorra – stepping in at the last-minute to save the day for a client whose support worker had dropped out.

Our client 26-year-old Dan has an acquired brain injury following a motorbike accident, and has been learning to ski for just over 2 years with Disability Snowsports UK (DSUK) at Chill Factore. This was part of his rehab programme with Physio Matters, all building up to a trip-of-a-lifetime in Andorra. But disaster struck just weeks before, when the support worker due to accompany Dan suffered an injury which left him on crutches.

“Dan’s case manager contacted us urgently to see if there was any way we could help rescue his trip,” said Colin Green, Clinical Director at Physio Matters. “He was so looking forward to it, not only as a reward for all his hard work during his rehab, but as a milestone achievement in terms of regaining some independence after his accident. We discussed it amongst the team and came up with the perfect solution – send Jack, our Physiotherapist Assistant who is a similar age to Dan and a good skier too.”




24/7 Support
Jack jumped at the chance to help. He accompanied Dan on the flight from Manchester to Andorra, supported him 24/7 throughout the week staying in the same accommodation, and helped him on the flight home.

“Our daily activities revolved around skiing of course, with recreational activities in the evening, such as bowling and sports tournaments,” said Jack. “It was a stunning resort and Dan had a great time. I’m glad that as part of my job I was able to help him improve his quality of life through skiing, and achieve his ambitions.”



Rehab through skiing
Dan’s love for skiing flourished when he started treatment with Physio Matters over 2 years ago. Initially, he struggled to walk properly, relying on a FES walking device, which stimulated his limbs to improve mobility. However, once he regained mobility, he found his balance and co-ordination needed improving. Physio Matters suggested Physio Active skiing sessions at the Chill Factore, working alongside DSUK. Not only did skiing improve Dan’s balance and co-ordination, his confidence and love for the sport gradually grew, which ultimately spurred him to book a skiing holiday with DSUK.

Going the extra mile
Reflecting on the trip, Jack added: “DSUK did a wonderful job ensuring the trip was as stress-free as possible, and enabling all of the clients to concentrate on enjoying themselves. The instructors always go the extra mile to help clients achieve their goals, and have a memorable holiday which was great to see. Now Dan wants to go again next year!”

To see Dan’s story and how he’s progressed with Physio Matters visit: https://physio-matters.org/patient-stories/dans-story.php
To find out more about DSUK, visit: http://www.disabilitysnowsport.org.uk/

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