Five Clients Tell Their Own Stories…

Five Clients Tell Their Own Stories…

Living with a brain injury, multiple sclerosis or after a stroke – these are the client stories featured in Physio Matters’ new series of videos now available on the website and via social media.

The five clients – Dan, Barbara*, Ruth, Lee and Pete – speak candidly about their condition, how it affects their daily lives, and how Physio Matters is working with them to manage their rehabilitation and improve their daily activities, whether in their own homes or outside through sports such as adaptive skiing.

Speaking about the patient videos, Colin Green, Clinical Director at Physio Matters said:

I’d like to thank all five clients for agreeing to share their stories and let us see into their world and the conditions they live with. They’ve given a valuable and personal insight into their lives and how our physiotherapists are helping them restore their confidence, mobility, and improve their quality of life.

“I really hope their stories will raise awareness of what it is like to live with these conditions, and encourage others to seek physiotherapy if they or their family members are in a similar position.”

The videos reveal each client’s progress and the impact Physio Matters has had on their life. They are available on the website under Patient Stories or by clicking on the individual stories below:

25-year old Dan suffered a motorbike accident which left him in a coma for 6 weeks. He was left with an acquired brain injury and struggled with his balance and mobility. Dan has engaged with traditional physiotherapy with Physio Matters combined with our Physio Active activities, including Alter G and adaptive skiing, improving his mobility, coordination and independence.

After retiring, Barbara suffered a stroke in February 2017, leaving her unable to communicate or use her right side. Working with Senior Neurological Physiotherapist, Abby Saville, Barbara has now increased her mobility, confidence and independence, enabling her to ascend stairs and move more easily around her home.

A diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis in 2008 significantly impacted on Ruth’s life, decreasing her mobility until she had to give up her job as a social worker. Specialist Neurological Physiotherapists, Colin Green and Mat Bush, are working with Ruth to increase her independence and maximise her exercise tolerance.

Life changed dramatically for Lee after suffering a stroke in 2005, when he was left a wheelchair user, fully dependent on carers, and requiring a hoist for transfers. Now treated by Physio Matters, Lee engages in a range of activities including skiing to improve his mobility and core strength.

Following a stroke during an operation in March 2017, 59-year old Pete was left unable to stand or walk. Previously a keen traveller, his rehabilitation began immediately at his first appointment with Clinical Director and Specialist Neurological Physiotherapist Colin Green, when Pete was able to stand for the first time in over 4 months.

Physio Matters wish to thank Alex Miller at Viaduct Video who produced the videos.

(*Barbara’s story is related by her husband)

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