First Meeting for Ambassadors

First Meeting for Ambassadors

Following the successful launch of our Physio Matters Ambassador Scheme 2020, Clinical Director, Colin Green, and Specialist Neurological Physiotherapist, Kirsty Agnew, have held the very first quarterly Ambassador Meeting at Physio Matters HQ.

The Ambassador Scheme aims to unite people through their common interests and what they can do and achieve, rather than by their condition and what they can’t do or their disability.

Five clients have been selected as Ambassadors in recognition of their experience in and passion for a sport or activity within their rehab. Each will represent and promote their sport or activity for 12 months, mentor other clients and promote the activity across the Brain Injury community.

The five Physio Matters Ambassadors for 2020 and the sport or activity they represent are:

Dan Worsley – Ambassador for Skiing
Mark Fardon – Ambassador for Golf
Zoe Conway – Ambassador for Walking Netball
Ikhlas Karim – Ambassador for Gym and Fitness
Stephen Derbyshire – Ambassador for Cycling

Setting Goals

Within their new role, the Ambassadors will complete a series of mentorship sessions with clients over 12 months. This could be with a new client who needs some help or confidence building, a client who wants to try the sport for the first time, or one who needs a buddy to talk to about their condition and how the sport or activity could help them with their rehab.

The first meeting brought together the five new Ambassadors – Mark, Stephen, Zoe, Ikhlas and Dan – to share and discuss their goals for the coming year. The goals were identified as a series of actions which each Ambassador will carry out over the next 3 months, with the help of their Physio Matters Buddy, pictured with them here. These goals will then be reviewed at the next quarterly meeting. One action all Ambassadors had in common was to carry out their mentor sessions.

Shared Positivity

Whilst sharing their goals, the Ambassadors realised they have a lot in common. In particular, they share a positive attitude to cope with their acquired brain injuries, and the determination not to be defined by their injuries, but to embrace them and adapt to life in the best way that suits each individual.

Specialist Neurological Physiotherapist, Kirsty Agnew, is very proud of the development of the scheme, and explained: “It’s quite a unique and rewarding opportunity for some of our clients to meet likeminded people with similar experiences. Not only do they get to take part in activities they enjoy, but it gives them a chance to be a part of a support network, to talk to each other and see hope for their future rehabilitation.”

Working with their Physio Matters Buddy and therapy team, each Ambassador will now focus on identifying and mentoring other clients with brain injuries who will benefit from taking part in their chosen activities.

To find out more about the Physio Matters Ambassador Scheme, click here and watch the video of the launch event, email or call 0161 681 6887.

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