Farewell to Eirin

Farewell to Eirin

We are going to be sorry to say good bye to Eirin Andersen very soon as she leaves for new adventures back in Norway. In the last 2 years, she has become a very valuable member of the Physio Matters Team and will be sorely missed by both staff and clients. I asked Eirin to write a few words about her experience working with us over the last few years. Over to Eirin…

“Before I started working at Physio Matters in April 2015, I had already had the opportunity to come out with Colin to do some work experience. Doing work shadowing is a great way of introducing yourself to the team, as well as getting an idea of what you will be doing when working.

Most people, including myself, find starting a new job most exciting, but also a bit scary, especially when starting your first ‘proper’ physio job as a newly qualified! In a lot of job adverts you read about how many years’ experience is required, and the adverts can be daunting and make you feel like you will never get that very important first job.”

I was welcomed into the team with open arms on my first day, and from that day on the scary side of starting a new job was gone. When I first started, I worked one day a week alongside finishing of my MSc in Advanced Physiotherapy. When I was offered to start working full time from September 2015, there was no hesitation at all, this was the dream job.

In the 2-year period I have been at Physio Matters, I have had the opportunity to do so much! I have gone from being a scared newly qualified physiotherapist, to a physiotherapist with masses of experience that I will always bring with me when I continue with the lifelong learning of being a physio.

I would be going on forever if I was to mention everything I have learnt in my time here, but a few highlights worth mentioning is the massive support I have had from the whole team who have supported me throughout my journey from being a student until this day. I have also been provided with training, both in-house and on numerous courses and conferences, which is experience I will take with me for the rest of my career. I have had the opportunity to meet so many nice people, both clients and professionals, and work in many lovely multi-disciplinary teams. Also, worth mentioning is the daily challenges of working with complex cases, and following and assisting clients through their journeys to a more independent life, including helping them out with both sports and home activities, regardless of what their abilities are. If there is one thing working at Physio Matters has taught me, it is that there is always a possibility to do whatever the client wants to achieve.

I am a bit lost for words when writing this, partly because I cannot thank the team enough for looking after me, but also because I will be extremely sad to go. Sometimes, difficult decisions come up in life, and at this moment in my life, the right thing for me to do is to move back to my family and friends in Norway. I think I have said to all my clients and colleagues that if there was one thing I could take with me when leaving, it would be the job. Therefore, if Physio Matters ever require more staff, I cannot recommend it enough, and I seriously mean that.

So again, thank you so much to everyone at Physio Matters, Colin, Katy, Janet, Emily, Jenny, Mat, Christine, and Abby, you have been incredible to me. Some huge thanks also go to everyone else I have worked with in my time here, both professionals and clients along with their families.”

We are sure you would like to join us in wishing Eirin the very best for the future and she could be assured of a very warm welcome if she is back in the UK.

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