Emily Wins Outstanding Student Award

Emily Wins Outstanding Student Award

Congratulations to Emily Morrow, Administrative Assistant at Physio Matters, who was awarded the ‘Outstanding Student Award’ on her Apprenticeship in Business Administration course at Oldham College.

Emily joined Physio Matters on 31st October 2016 and completed her Level 2 Apprenticeship in Business Administration in December 2017, after attending the course for half a day every week over 12 months. She gained the ‘Outstanding Student Award’ for her excellent standard of work on the course.

“I was really pleased to win the award,” said Emily. “I put a lot of hard work into the course, which I enjoyed as we covered so many different areas. I learned so much that has helped me with my job at Physio Matters, and I’m proud to have my achievements recognised.”

The Apprenticeship in Business Administration covers topics such as the law, health and safety, business document production, and how to run an office in different types of organisations, including private companies, charities and non-profits.

After successfully completing her Apprenticeship, Emily was appointed as a full-time Administrative Assistant at Physio Matters. She is now planning to take the Level 3 qualification.

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