Eleanor’s Volunteer Double

Eleanor’s Volunteer Double

Well done to one of our newest recruits, Senior Neurological Physiotherapist Eleanor Jones who is a double volunteer during the current COVID-19 crisis, volunteering to help both the NHS and her dad, who is a local GP. And she’s been making temporary masks to help protect medical staff from the spread of Coronavirus.

Eleanor responded to the Government’s recent plea for an army of a quarter of a million volunteers to help support the NHS. Although she is currently furloughed from Physio Matters, she is still able to volunteer. Eleanor has registered her details and is waiting to hear if she is needed and what work she will be asked to do, although as a qualified physio this may well involve volunteering in a local hospital.

Red Coded Medical Centre

Eleanor has also volunteered to help her father Dr David Jones, a GP at DeMontfort Medical Centre which provides primary care for Evesham and surrounding areas in Worcestershire.

Local medical practices in the area have recently been given a Red, Amber or Green code in order to help manage the COVID-19 outbreak, which refers to the type of patients they can see. The DeMontfort Medical Centre was given a Red code, which means it will only receive patients who have been diagnosed with the Coronavirus. These patients do not need hospitalising but have other conditions that need to be treated by a GP.

Lack of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

However, currently the Medical Centre does not have enough Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for staff to wear, even though they will be seeing patients with the Coronavirus. So Eleanor has been helping to make temporary protective visors.

“We have been cutting out mask shapes from laminating film and attaching elastic bands to hold them on,” she explained. “We had a mini production line in the staff kitchen at the Medical Centre and have been busy creating masks for staff to wear. My mum sourced elastic bands from the local Post Office who delivered them to us which was really helpful. These are single-use masks so we aimed to make about 200 to help protect the staff until the actual PPE arrives.”

Preventing hospital admissions

Patients who have tested positive with Coronavirus have started attending the Medical Centre this week. The aim is to provide care and treatment for other conditions they may have, which if left untreated could lead to unnecessary hospital admissions. Preventing such admissions is particularly important during the COVID-19 crisis, especially as the peak of the pandemic is expected to arrive in the UK in the next few weeks. However, patients could still be referred to hospital if their condition is serious enough.

“Hopefully, GPs such as my dad can help keep people out of hospital who don’t need to be there but who could be hospitalised if they don’t receive treatment for other conditions,” explained Eleanor. “By doing this, it will also help to stop people with the virus from spreading it to other patients and staff in hospitals.”

She added: “I’m glad to say we managed to finish all the masks at the weekend. Everything has been running smoothly at the Medical Centre this week, so I’m currently on standby in case any staff become unwell with the virus or need to self-isolate. Then I’ll go in to provide extra support to my dad and his team.”


Good luck to Eleanor and all the team at the DeMontfort Medical Centre – stay safe!

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