Coronavirus – Important Notice

Coronavirus – Important Notice


Following the Government’s advice with regards to the easing of lockdown in the wake of Coronavirus, we have now resumed our neurological physiotherapy service.

During lockdown, we were able to treat many clients using Video Treatment Sessions to maintain their rehab and sustain progress. Now that easing measures are in place, we have returned to offering face-to-face treatment with our physiotherapists wearing full PPE (face shields, aprons, gloves and use of hand sanitiser).

In order to do this safely, we carry out a thorough Client Risk Assessment before we resume any face-to-face treatment.

The Client Risk Assessment includes consideration of:

  • client vulnerability
  • client ability to engage with remote sessions and home exercise programmes
  • client’s home environment and social distancing options
  • level of PPE required
  • risk of deterioration without physiotherapy intervention
  • ability to train support workers/relatives


If it is not safe or appropriate to treat a client face-to-face, even with full PPE, then we can offer the following 3 options:

1. Video Treatment Session:  

  • This is a treatment session with verbal guidance from the physiotherapist via a video link
  • Suitable for clients who do not require physical assistance/supervision or hands-on treatment
  • If only general supervision is required to complete a session (so not close, direct supervision) then this could be provided by a support worker
  • Clients can also consider the possibility of working in a lying or sitting position during this session if it removes the need for physical assistance, direct supervision or hands-on therapy

2. Providing a Home Exercise Programme:

  • We can create a new Home Exercise Programme for clients as a Word of PDF document and email or post it to clients, support workers or relatives
  • For example, the bespoke Home Exercise Programme could be an adapted home-based version of an exercise programme that clients may already do in the gym and which will help maintain important levels of activity and fitness.

3. Home Exercise Programme Education Session:

  • We can offer a session via video link to work clients through a new Home Exercise Programme
  • We can offer a session via video link to help clients work through an adapted Exercise Programme if required


Our staff are now back from furlough so if you are a current client, we will contact you to arrange a Client Risk Assessment, discuss the options above and provide ongoing advice and support. We are also discussing these options with all our case manager partners and their clients. 

If you are making a new enquiry, please get in touch to discuss your physio rehab needs and treatment plan options.

For all enquiries, contact Physio Matters on 0161 681 6887 or email

Thank you

Colin Green

Clinical Director

Physio Matters Neurological Ltd.


Physio Matters Oldham Manchester