Cool Runnings for First Adaptive Snowsport Taster Day

Cool Runnings for First Adaptive Snowsport Taster Day

The first Adaptive Snowsport Taster Day co-hosted by Physio Matters and Disability Snowsport UK (DSUK) at the Chill Factore, Manchester on 18 June was a great success, showcasing the benefits of rehabilitation work involving adaptive snowsport – and receiving enthusiastic praise from all participants.

“I loved it!” said Linda Jooste, Case Manager at AMS Case Management Ltd. “I thought the theory to practice ratio was good and it was very informative for me.  I will spread the news about what a great rehab activity it is.”

Engaging physically and cognitively

Heather Lodge, Case Manager at Total Case Management said: “A big thank you for the session. As a complete non-skier, it was fantastic as I had no idea about the effort and energy required to engage both physically and cognitively. Everyone was very welcoming and great at settling down a nervous beginner. I loved it, and want to find out more about the adaptive ski-ing holidays and activity weeks that DSUK can offer clients too.”

The event was the first in a series organised by Physio Matters with DSUK, who provide adaptive equipment and special instruction to enable people with a disability to take part in skiing, including those with physical, sensory and learning difficulties.

The Taster Session gave invited guests the opportunity to visit the indoor snow centre at Chill Factore and experience adaptive snowsport, as well as discover first-hand the many benefits these can offer their clients. The session began over coffee and croissants in the Mont Blanc Café, with an introductory talk and case studies given by Colin Green, Clinical Director at Physio Matters and Stephen Smaje, Development Manager at Disability Snowsport UK (DSUK).

Improving rehabilitation

As temperatures reached -4 degrees, guests were then kitted out in protective snowsport clothing and ski-boots and invited on to the slopes to observe a demonstration of adaptive snowsport from DSUK ski instructors, including upright skiing and sit-skiing. Then they hit the slopes – and had the chance to experience skiing in different forms and from a client perspective, including being fastened into a sit-ski and taken down the main slope by DSUK instructors and the Physio Matters team.

Adaptive snowsports can make a great difference to clients’ rehabilitation by improving mobility, core strength and motivation as it gives people a challenge in a new environment, as well as a fun social experience,” explained Colin Green, Clinical Director at Physio Matters. “We were keen to offer the Taster Day along with DSUK to showcase just how many benefits it can offer, and we are so pleased with the overwhelmingly positive response from participants.

It was a great day with the Physio Matters team which really helped to showcase adaptive snowsports,” added Stephen Smaje, Development Manager at Disability Snowsport UK (DSUK). “Together, we were able to demonstrate the range of therapeutic benefits of participation in this popular and accessible sport.

Enjoyable and eye-opening

Conor McCann, Clinical Services Manager at N-Able Services based in Merseyside said: “It was a very well-organised morning that struck the balance well between the educational and the practical. Really interesting to have the opportunity to put yourself in the client’s shoes (or skis!). The many benefits of the adaptative snowsports really came across in the presentation.”

He added: “It was really enjoyable, informative and eye-opening, and has already generated plenty of discussion back at the N-Able office. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend anyone to attend a future session.


Further Taster Days

Further Adaptive Snowsport Taster Days are available this summer – if you would like to take part, please contact the Physio Matters team.

Adaptive Snowsport is just one of the many Physio Active activities that Physio Matters offers to clients as part of their rehabilitation. To see more, visit:

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