Best wishes to physio student Cat

Best wishes to physio student Cat

We have said goodbye to our first placement student Catherine (Cat) Watson, who was a final year Physiotherapy Student at Salford University. Cat contacted Physio Matters to request a placement to gain experience of Community Neurological Physiotherapy in the private sector, compared to all her previous NHS experience.

It was a pleasure to have Cat with us for 5 weeks. Here, she reflects on her time with Physio Matters…

“I’m a final year Physiotherapy student at the University of Salford and have just completed a five-week placement with the team at Physio Matters. It has been a fantastic experience and I have had the chance to work with and learn from every member of the team.

Over the weeks, I met many Physio Matters’ clients for sessions in their homes, gym, pool, college and the Chill Factore. I loved being able to witness some of their achievements, such as returning to writing, or walking down stairs with confidence for the first time since their injury. I also had the opportunity to ride in a sit-ski, which allowed me to understand how skiing can be used as therapy and to experience why clients enjoy it so much. Clients spoken about some of the other activities the Physio Matters team have helped them to return to, as well as new activities they’ve been able to experience. One of my favourite things I have learned is that the team focus on the things that are important to each individual client and base the treatments on the activities the clients enjoy.

I would like to say a huge thank you to the team at Physio Matters and to all of the clients I have met over the past 5 weeks!”

Director Colin Green commented: “On behalf of Physio Matters, I would like to wish Cat all the very best for her career. It was great to have her spend some time with us, and I hope she continues to develop her interest and passion in helping clients with neurological conditions.”



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