Abby Tackles Ataxia Training

Abby Tackles Ataxia Training

“Brilliant course which I’m already using with my clients”.

That’s the verdict from Senior Neurological Physiotherapist Abby Saville who recently tackled a 2-day weekend course on the Introduction to the Principles of the Treatment of Ataxia.

Ataxia is a symptom of poor co-ordination resulting from neurological damage. It is commonly associated with damage to the “cerebellum”, which is the part of the brain that controls the coordination of muscle activity. Ataxia can cause a range of symptoms including reduced balance, uncontrolled gait, reduced coordination with limb movements, and slurred speech. This can have a significant impact on people, cause them great difficulty in performing day-to-day tasks and interfere with their independence.

“Using the latest research and case studies, the course was very beneficial. It has made sure my skills are up to date when it comes to treating people with brain injuries,” explained Abby. “I learnt a great deal and have already implemented some of those skills in my work with clients here at Physio Matters.”

The course was run by the British Bobath Tutors Association at Manchester Neurotherapy Centre in Pendlebury.

Colin Green, Director at Physio Matters added: “We are always keen to ensure our physiotherapists receive the latest training in key areas that helps us provide first-class treatment for our clients. Abby has clearly gained a great deal from this course, and we will continue to support all of our staff when it comes to training and development.”

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