Demand for Online Neuro Physio Increases During Lockdown

Demand for Online Neuro Physio Increases During Lockdown


Demand for online neuro physio has increased significantly during the COVID-19 lockdown with the majority of Physio Matters’ clients asking to have rehab delivered virtually as a substitute for physical hands-on physio.

“We are currently using 5 different platforms to deliver virtual sessions to our clients,” explained Clinical Director Colin Green. “We use Zoom mostly but also Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger, Facetime and Microsoft Teams depending on what our clients have access to or are most comfortable using. Many use their iPhones, iPads, tablets and computers.”

“We start with a video call which initially some clients had not used before or were unsure of. Like everyone else, they quickly saw that video calls work much better than a phone call and bring more benefits in terms of rehab sessions. Once clients see what remote rehab involves and try it out, they realise it can work for them. As a result, demand has increased and we are really busy.”


More sessions than in lockdown

Some clients are happy with one virtual rehab session a week, supplemented by a home exercise programme which they can complete individually or with help from a support worker or family member. Others need more frequent sessions up to 3 times a week.

“The uptake of our virtual rehab sessions continues to increase each week,” said Colin, “and clients are actually asking for more frequent sessions than we provided before lockdown. This is because they are no longer as active as they used to be between our normal visits so they need much more input, plus they really enjoy interacting with their physio and knowing we are there to support, encourage and motivate them at this difficult time.”


Benefits from online rehab

Our virtual neuro physio rehab sessions offer many benefits including:

  • Therapeutic – ongoing rehab helps clients to manage their condition and prevent de-conditioning which is so important for their health and well-being, as well as maintaining the client-therapist relationship
  • Motivation – clients are very motivated to take part as the session may be one of the few times in the week when they can exercise and engage with others from outside the home
  • Structure – regular rehab sessions help to give clients a focus for their day and recreate a daily or weekly structure which was disrupted when the lockdown started
  • Enjoyment – clients enjoy interacting with their physio and look forward to their sessions. We have seen the sessions improve clients’ mood and cheer them up, with one even wearing a clown outfit when we Zoomed in for his rehab!
  • Fun – we often incorporate clients’ favourite music in the session to aid motivation and even set them quizzes to answer in between exercises to enhance their engagement even further.
  • Confidence and new skills – the online sessions have given some clients a new confidence in using online technology which they have transferred into using socially to connect with family and friends.

Up-skilling clients a bonus

“While offering our rehab services online is a substitute for hands-on physio during lockdown, we are pleased to see clients gain positive benefits from this new mode of delivery. Of course, we can’t wait to get back to treating people face-to-face but until that happens, we will continue offering our virtual service and bringing clients our expertise and support,” added Colin.

“And if we can help to ‘up-skill’ our clients with technology at the same time and open up a new world of online communication then it’s a bonus and will help prevent social isolation, not just now but in future too.”


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