Job Opportunity - Specialist Neurological Physiotherapist (Band 6/7)

Physio Matters Neurological is a growing and friendly community neurological physio team based near Manchester. We work with many other committed professionals to treat a wide range of neurological conditions with a focus on brain injury rehabilitation. We pride ourselves on thinking 'outside the box' and getting clients back to activities they love such as football and skiing as well as day-to-day activities.

We are currently looking to recruit a full time band 6 or 7 Physiotherapist (depending on experience) to join our ambitious team. Please email your CV to or call 0161 681 6887 to arrange an informal chat.

Contact us now:

0161 681 6887

Neurological Physiotherapy

When a persons nervous system is affected by neurological conditions, the impact on the person's ability to function can be substantial and life changing.

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Home visits

We provide physiotherapy sessions and treatments in the comfort of your own home; whether you live in your own home, in a residential home or care home.

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Brain Injuries

A brain injury is when something occurs that directly damages the brain or when the supply of essential blood and oxygen to part of the brain is cut off.

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Who we work with

We work is a variety of patients and clients including; solicitors & case managers, organisations and individuals. We treat both adults and children.

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